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Study tips anyone?

Your study tips might be different from my own version, Please feel free to adapt any tips according to your preference. You want to improve your academic performance? You study so hard but end up with lower GPA than usual? 
If you want to improve your GPA, you need to:
1. Start reading a lot of articles: Improve your English proficiency level

As a university student, English proficiency level is vital. From my point of view, students need to understand Basic English in order for them to understand subjects easily. Medium instruction in class is English. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you must at least learn how to read English articles (simple articles are better). Trust me, you will gain new vocabularies and have better understanding towards English usage. 

a cat reading a book
Even a cat knows how to read a book! *Yikes*

          How does by reading a lot of English-related articles help you?

CASE STUDY! : Students who have poor English proficiency level might have difficulties when they need to answer questions in case studies. How can you answer the questions when you don’t even know the meaning and the real message within the case studies right?
That’s why it is very important to read! When you understand the whole situation given in the case studies, you can answer the questions based on your common understanding even though you don’t know the real answer (not all answers can be obtained from the case studies).
I will write about tips on how to answer case studies later.

2.  Set your own aims and goals for the current and upcoming semesters

Setting your own goal for the current and upcoming semesters does help you to excel in studies. Like seriously it’s a big YES! For instance, you need to aim your estimated GPA so you will know that you are in the right track!

goal plan quote

Go to class earlier and sit in front

It may sound simple or a little bit cliché, but this is what I usually do. Go to class earlier and reserve a spot in front of class. Sit in front of the class does help you in getting a better learning environment.
Another thing that you should take note:
JOT down on what your lecturers EMPHASIZE in class (something that he or she tends to repeat all over again- haaa ni lah hint exam antaranya. Ensure that you're alert with it. Kalau tak, rugi sangat)
fall asleep in class
Reaction : Boring classes

4.  Plan ahead: Grab your coursework marks!

For BBA Management and Entrepreneurship in UniKL Business School, majority subjects required 60% coursework and 40% final. (Except Technopreneurship: 70% coursework and 30% final)
Here’s the little trick that I always do (It works ALL the time):
You should obtain as much carry marks as possible (Less stress for final). 
You should aim for at least range between 50/60 carry marks
Therefore, you will need another 30/40: This means you must score at least 75% in your final exam.
cat bang its head
If you don't study smart, you'll regret it later!

Why course work marks are vital?

You will never know if you will get sick during final exams (Happened to me several times). Thus, you will be less energetic and tend to not really remember what you read before. By having high course work marks, you eventually don’t need to struggle real hard for your final exam (Study smart and not REALLY study hard).

5. Respect your lecturers

Lecturer is the one who will mark your paper (Obviously!). Therefore, treat them nicely. Respect your lecturers may influence your score at the end of the day. Respect your lecturers doesn’t mean you need to ‘kipas’ your lecturer. I never do that. By submitting your assignments on time will definitely show that you are putting your commitment toward your lecturers. 

Participate in class discussion?

Through class discussion, your lecturer will know your name easily (especially if you’re an active participant in class). Giving opinions in class doesn’t mean you need to have a very high English proficiency level. Speak up in class does help you to shape your soft skills.

6.  Review past years questions

You should review past year questions at

You will never know if the same questions will come out exactly (certain questions) for your upcoming final papers. Getting the carry marks below 48 for Enabling Technologies for Competitive Success subject really made me worried. I struggled real hard for that paper. I still remember on what she (Lecturer for Enabling subject) said once in class:
“People who works harder may get lucky”
I guess I’m lucky! The questions in Section A were totally the same as past year questions. I got an A for that subject. Syukur alhamdulillah.

7.  Form a study group

Before you start to form a study group, you need to study by yourself first. When you understand subjects that you have learned, you can share the knowledge and understanding to your group members. Sharing is caring remember? I love to teach others as it will help me to understand even better. My closest BFF and I got an A in Finance 2. I am so happy for our achievement. We helped each other by doing tutorials and group discussion.

study group

8.  Make short notes (your version) and understand it (DON’T memorize)

You need to make short notes of your own. Make it simple and be creative.
I usually make few short notes and some mind-mapping too. It helps me to memorize important keywords. By making short notes, you don’t have to memorize all of it. Just understand the overall contents and remember the main key words. It will help you a lot during examinations. 

9.  Answer your final exam papers: DON’T leave it blank!

PLEASE DON’T leave your exam paper booklet blank! 
Even if you have difficulties in answering questions, answer it. Use your common sense and understanding in giving relevant answers. Write anything related to questions given as you need to gain marks (easier for lecturers to give marks if the students answered all questions). Ask for extra booklet if you need to. I always do that! (You can ask my classmates or BFF)
That's all for my 9 general study tips. Good luck!

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