[13 Tips: CV Review for Fresh Graduates]

Hi all! I will share with all of you about my experience during Career Fest at Gurney Campus last Saturday. One of the UEM representatives looked at my CV for quite some time and he told me on what I can improve more. 
Check this out! ⇩

1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
⇰ 1 page of CV : Try to compress and arrange your overall details in one page. Please include details such as education background, soft skills, computer skills (Excel, Outlook, Access, etc). You just need 1 page to impress the recruiters! 
⇰ Font : You must use a formal font (prevent the fancy-typed of fonts ya!). Times New Roman / Arial : normal fonts to be used.
⇰ Template : You can upload free CV template - infographic template (Google kan ada?)
My recommendation : You can use any fonts that you like as long as the words are readable. I recommend you to use Lato font (I use it in my CV and recruiters like it!)

2. Passport Photo
⇰ Please scan and upload your passport photo in your CV. Of course the recruiters want to get to know the candidate right? This is the time for you to shine.

3. Current Address
⇰ If you are looking for jobs in Kuala Lumpur, please put your current address at Kuala Lumpur as well. Somehow, most of us think that address might not seems to be that important. However, recruiters will view this detail. They want to search for suitable candidates who stay near the work location. Even if you are from Terengganu or Sabah, but currently staying in Kuala Lumpur and searching for job opportunities in KL, PLEASE remember to put your current address. Trust me, you will get more interviews soon!

4. Education Background
⇰ Please put your latest education background on top of the section (Bachelor Degree) and followed by the previous education backgrounds such as diploma/matriculation/foundation/STPM/SPM
⇰ Don't forget to put your CGPA /results

5. Awards & Honors
⇰ Please include your awards & honors in your CV
e.g: Dean's List Award, ISEM recipient, ERASMUS+ scholarship recipient, Best Student Representative, Best FYP, etc
⇰ Recruiters want to search for outstanding candidates based on the position that they offered. They want to know your capabilities and leadership skills.

6. Language Skills
⇰ If you know Mandarin or other language such as German, it will be an advantage for you to compete against other candidates.
⇰ Not everyone is able to speak in different languages. If you love to learn other languages, trust me the employers are looking out for you! 

7. Experience
⇰ Working Experience:
You can explain your working experience (Part time jobs/ Permanent jobs). Please emphasize on what you have learnt from that work position. The recruiters will normally ask you to explain further on the described job tasks that you have on the CV.

⇰ Internship Experience:
Please explain briefly about your job tasks during internship.

e.g: Human Resources Trainee
 Talent Acquisition: Assisting overall recruitment activities from CVs screening, interviewing, preparing Letter of Offer and Letter of Appointment, recruiting and conducting induction session for new employees
 Payroll : Using ExpressPay Pro 2017 software
 Employment Pass (EP) Application: Handling immigration matters and documents submission regarding application or renewal contract
 Compensation & Benefits : Preparing documentation & reports, creating and maintaining all records
✎ Updating and Maintaining Leave Records : Using Orange HRM System
✎ Formatting Laptops
✎ Handling Face-to-Face Meeting with Recruitment Agencies
✎ Handling and Collaborating with OneAllianz for Team Building Event

8. Past Tense / Gerund 
You can choose to use Past Tense or Gerund writing style in your CV
⇰ Past Tense : 
e.g : 
- Assisted overall recruitment activities
- Updated and maintained leave records

⇰ Gerund :
e.g :
- Assisting overall recruitment activities
- Updating and maintaining leave records

9. Check Your CV!
After you have made several changes in your CV, do check it again. Several mistakes that often been made by fresh graduates:
➦ Typo / Spelling errors
➦ Grammatical errors
➦ Spacing : Adjust your spacing nicely to fit your CV well
➦ Bullets : Be consistent

10. Job Description
⇰ Most of the fresh graduates submitted their job applications through JobStreet/LinkedIn/ etc. However, when they got the interview invitations via email, they didn't even know the job description for the applied position. 
⇰ It is very important for you to know the job description of the position so that you will know the expectation of the interviewers during the interview session. If you hit the points, you will get the job!

11. Interview Preparation
⇰ Face-to-Face Interview with Top Management
Prepare yourself for the interview. Get to know the company details, mission, vision, the department that you want to work with, etc. Dress to impress on the day of interview!

12. Attitudes!
Skills can be taught, but attitude is forever 

13. Be Yourself

Just be yourself. You are unique. Always find room for improvement!

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